Participation Guide
Step 1. Application
Step 2. Option
Step 3. Payment
- Submit application form

- Pay for deposit 50% of the total fee
- Apply utility Service(Electricity, LAN,etc)

- Furniture (Optional)
-Pay the balance+Utility Fee
Participation Cost

Raw Space
Shell-Scheme booth
1Booth (3m x 3m = 9㎡)
1Booth (3m x 3m = 9㎡)
2700 USD
3150 USD
-Providing only exhibition space

-Exhibitors need to install theexhibition facilities on the provided spaces by themselves (Exhibitors need topay for booth manufacturing and installation)

-Exhibitors install the facilitiesafter submitting and getting approval from service bureau for the designdrawing.
-Booth Frame, Carpet, Signboard, Spotlight,

1 info-desk & 3 Chair, 1 Rount Table,

1 Catalog Holder, Wastebasket, Electricity 1Kw
Discount for advanced application USD 135 (until : 2019. 8. 30)

Discount for Participatoin in a low USD 270

(The above booth image is for your reference only, and the contents of assembly booth are subjects to change according to exhibition operation plan.)

Submit Application
ApplicationFill out the registration and business certification and send below Fax or E-mail
Submit toInt'l Hi-Tech Surface & Painting Expo Committee / MESSE ESANG
( Tel : 82-2-6121-6375 Fax : 82-2-6455-0953 )